The Bookmark Artists Collective

Bookmark Artists Collective is a vibrant, inspiring artists collective made by artists from all over the world. Born as a continuation of an online workshop “The Bookmark Workshop” initiated by Einad Moglad during the first international lockdown in our Covid-19 related time, the artists felt the need to keep this connection live and create something that will leave the mark in the cultural, artistic, and social environment. BAC has no borders and yet can move, work, create and build ideas and form new types and processes of creation. After the first online exhibition “Rhythm of the Blue Marble” welcomed by Emergent Art Space’s platform, the Collective wanted to offer a new narrative to the world believing that this would increase and show its value as a group of individual artists merged into a Collective, who are an inspirational model for everyone.

The group shows a microcosm of a society where everyone needs one another in a common interdependence and provokes new inspiring ideas and ways of performing art and communications. The BAC’s creative thinking is developed by knowledge and passion performed with different mediums. The Bookmark Artists Collective is strongly focused on global engagement and ideas, and it shares the common effort to adjust, change, and stay together in order to share ideas, questions and doubts to better understand the present challenges in this world and re-establish the arts as an important player which takes a stand in society.

The Bookmark Artists Collective sees itself as an ongoing community which opens its doors to artists, art lovers, intellectuals, scientists, and different people who share common vision and can commit to meet and be part of a working creative group in the service of our Blue Marble.

Bookmark Artists Collective 2021